pro3dure medical launches its earmold surface texture feature HAPTIKAL® in partnership with Hearables3D technology

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HAPTIKAL® from pro3dure medical offers the possibility of creating earmolds with new functions and  designs. New shapes and material classes for the production of earmolds, hearing aid shells, IEM‘s and faceplates become feasible. HAPTIKAL® textured structures can be applied across the surface of ear molds, including where it comes into contact with the hard ear canal area. This makes the earmold e.g. much more flexible to significantly increase the wearing comfort.

pro3dure has partnered with Hearables3D to push the borders of earmold production and to make this feature available within the automated CAD system AutoDesign. This means that AutoDesign can apply HAPTIKAL® textures onto its automated designs of earmolds, RICs and IEM’s. Manufacturers, labs and clinics can now go direct from 3D scan to 3D print without needing to use CAD software, and apply HAPTIKAL® textures with zero effort.

“Labs have always been challenged when using manual CAD software due to the complexities in the  modelling workflow” says Dr. Martin Klare, CEO of pro3dure, “HAPTIKAL® removes this barrier, so labs can bring the benefits of textured surfaces to the patients wearing experience”.

“We’re pleased to be working with pro3dure in bringing new benefits to audiology, hearing protection  and consumer audio” says Iain Mcleod, CEO of Hearables3D, “and highlights the power and flexibility of our AI technology”.

Find out more on the HAPTIKAL® feature in AutoDesign at the 2022 EUHA conference in Hannover, at  pro3dure medical booth #410 and Hearables3D booth #303A. The feature is available from November 2022.

HAPTIKAL® and SysTherm® presentations at pro3dure booth #410: SysTherm® Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 10:30  

HAPTIKAL® Wednesday/Thursday 12:30 14:30

Friday 9:30 12:30

About pro3dure medical
“Materials are our DNA” is the claim of pro3dure, a medical technology company founded in 2013 in  the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Our corporate philosophy, focused on meeting specific  customer requirements, is founded on an innate strategic imperative that has been the driving force in  researching and developing the most innovative solutions for the audiology, dental and medical technology sectors from the very beginning. Like in our name, 3D is the center of all our activities combined  with a wealth of experience, innovative spirit and concentrated technical knowhow. We develop cus tomized and sophisticated technology packages, highly innovative and customized material concepts  for the digital workflow, producing the materials used in the digital chain – from 3D printing resin to  milling blanks – at our headquarter in Germany. As a competent consultant, we are also available for  implementation of 3D-based process chains. Our quality management system, certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 13485, represents the highest product quality and ensures our cus tomers high quality and reliable service.  

About Hearables3D
Hearables3D is a Swinburne University spinout whose mission is to democratise custom-fit hearing devices. We do this by providing B2B tools - our smartphone scanning and automated design techno logies - that drastically simplifies the making of custom-fit hearing devices. Since launching in 2018, Hearables3D have partnered with industry leaders to ensure its solutions seamlessly integrates within the digital workflow.

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