From now on you can work systhermatically! Our claim to innovation and technology leadership naturally encompasses machine-specific and non-specific products developed perfectly in step with our material systems. Because of pro3dure´s holistic approach we offer you everything in order to produce earpieces with thermoeffect efficiently and under the highest quality of demands. “From now on you work systhermatically“ can be taken literally. The SysTherm® system is not just the world´s only two part component thermoeffect material for earmolds with no toxic labelling, but also a unique watersoluble cast material for the digital workflow based on additive manufactured molds. SysTherm® perfectly combines two of the world´s firsts. In addition to outstanding chemical and physical characteristics, the SysTherm® polymer possesses further advantages such as non toxic labelling and is available in 4:1 cartridges. Now the customer does not only receive an earpiece with excellent wearing comfort, also the laboratory staff will have maximum confidence for highest production efficiency and safety while working.

Additionally, the first water soluble cast material SysTherm® Cast guarantees a tailored solution that is perfectly adapted to the SysTherm® polymer. SysTherm® Cast´s new chemical formulation ensures that in combination with the SysTherm® polymer no separator is necessary. Now, you can avoid breaking or cracking the mold from the earpiece. Microcracks in the earmold become a thing of the past. SysTherm® Cast can also be used with silicone materials.

The SysTherm® collection is completed by the SysTherm® Separator 1 which can be used with conventional 3D-printing cast materials. In conclusion, SysTherm® features a variety of technical innovations to make the cast process more efficient, robust and convienent.

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