printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI | MSI

printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI | MSI

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The printodent® GR-14 denture materials are 3D printing resins for the generative production of... more
Product information "printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI | MSI"

The printodent® GR-14 denture materials are 3D printing resins for the generative production of denture bases. The printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI meets all dental requirements with e.g. a water absorption (< 25 μg/mm3) and water solubility (< 1.5 μg/mm3) according to ISO 20795-1:2013. Furthermore, the low shrinkage (approx. < 1 %) compared to traditionally used PMMA-based materials guarantees a high accuracy of fit. printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI is a 3D printing resin with „high-impact“ properties characterized by low viscosity. This allows construction processes to be carried out efficiently and components to be cleaned easily. As a world first, printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI | MSI , a biomimetic 3D printing resin for the fabrication of dentures, will be presented for the first time at IDS 2023. This resin offers all the advantages of printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI, which has been tried and tested thousands of times, and also prevents biofilms from adhering to the surface of the denture in a natural way. This functional material thus copies a natural process, such as that used by the red alga Delisea. The communication of bacteria, the so-called „quorum sensing“, is disturbed by a natural substance anchored in printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI | MSI , so that the adhesion of bacteria is significantly reduced. Moreover, this effect is not due to antibacterial additives, which may lead to bacterial resistance. As a result, improved oral hygiene and less irritation of the soft tissue are achieved. All materials of the printodent® GR-14 denture series can of course be combined with printodent® GR-17.1 temporary lt to produce cost-effective and highly esthetic full dentures. In addition, validated procedures are available for both materials in combination with denture teeth from the VITA VIONIC VIGO, CANDULOR TCR* / NFC+* and Ruthinium ACRYSMART systems. Complete integration in exocad‘s CAD software rounds off the digital workflow.


  • high accuracy of fit
  • ”high impact” material
  • validated procedures
  • MSI® technology for the prevention of biofilms

* CANDULOR Bonartic® II NFC+, Bonartic® TCR, BonSelect TCR, Condyloform® II NFC+, PhysioSelect® TCR, PhysioSet® TCR 


Instruction for use, Safety data sheet, Material preset (3D printing)

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