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  THERMEO® is flexible. Who doesn‘t know it - „crooked impressions“ during... more
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THERMEO® is flexible.
Who doesn‘t know it - „crooked impressions“ during conventional impression taking or imperfections during intraoral scanning that lead to „data holes“ on the surface of the generated data set? A conventional hard splint then wobbles on the plaster model and thus in the patient‘s mouth. The splint is subjected to greater stress at this point, the risk of fracture is significantly increased and the patient complains about a lack of wearing comfort. The unique THERMEO® splint material compensates for such inaccuracies with its patented thermomemory effect. The THERMEO® material becomes flexible at body temperature and adapts optimally to the tooth surface. This increases the wearing comfort of the splint and minimizes the risk of breakage. THERMEO® thus supports the satisfaction of the dental technician, dentist and patient through higher safety, exceptional wearing comfort and fewer „recalls“.

THERMEO® is smart.
Smart materials/responsive materials are materials that react independently to changing environmental conditions such as temperature. This reaction is reversible. The high-tech plastics of the THERMEO® family belong to this group of smart materials and are characterized by a unique patented thermomemory effect. Compared to hard dental splints, inaccuracies during impression taking can thus be compensated with a THERMEO® splint. THERMEO® products can also be used to produce functional therapeutic bite splints. THERMEO® splints are characterized by high wearing comfort and are self-adjusting due to the thermomemory effect. THERMEO®s special properties combine the advantages of hard as well as soft splint materials.

THERMEO® is comfortable.
THERMEO® meets the highest medical technology standards. For example, THERMEO® does not use phthalate-based plasticizers, but instead employs a patented flexibilization technology that ensures unique biocompatibility in this class of material. Compared to other suppliers, this results in a significantly greater pressure drop on the tooth after insertion of the splint (Fig. 1 and 2), which in turn increases wearing comfort for the patient. Furthermore, due to the technology used, the thermomemory effect and thus the resilience of the THERMEO® material is greater than that of competitors (Fig. 3). The THERMEO® splint returns to its original position faster and more precisely due to body temperature. THERMEO® can be processed conventionally using the casting or tamping-pressing technique or integrated into the digital workflow in the form of THERMEO® blanks. The blanks are available in thicknesses of 16, 20 and 25 mm. This allows tooth-supported and also soft tissue-supported splints to be manufactured efficiently. Both the powder/liquid system and the milling rounds are additionally available as THERMEO® SO in shades A1, A2 and A3 for the fabrication of „snap-on splints“.


THERMEO® is durable.
The materials of the THERMEO® family, characterized by their exceptional wearing comfort, have been developed for durability. The stability of the material was documented in an extensive chewing simulation study conducted by LMU Munich**. Despite the higher flexibility and higher resilience of THERMEO® compared to its market competitors, comparable abrasion values were determined. Thus, patient comfort is increased without reducing the clinical benefit. Furthermore, amine compounds and MMA were avoided in the development of THERMEO® in order to reduce the yellowing of the material and its potential for irritation and sensitization. Furthermore, tested cleaning recommendations for THERMEO® are available to the patient in order to sustainably ensure the special properties over the entire service life of the THERMEO® splint.

** Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bogna Stawarczyk, M.Sc · Felix Schmeiser, M.Eng
Werkstoffkundeforschung an der Poliklinik für Zahnärztliche Prothetik der LMU München


THERMEO® splint Cleaning and Care
Comprehensive documentation and important tips on the use and care of THERMEO® splints help you and the patients use THERMEO® products for a long and sustainable time.

Instruction for use, Safety data sheet

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